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(BGS). The University of Nottingham will lead on G ERA, the Geo Energy Research Accelerator. G ERA will focus on delivering to the full potential of our primary resources through unlocking the potential of shale gas, reducing the energy wasted in urban environments, the next generation of carbon capture technology and energy storage, and realising the full potential of solar energy. As well as the Government commitment of funding for the initiative, it will also see major investments from industry partners. George Osborne MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, said: Midlands is an engine of manufacturing growth so we are today giving the go ahead to the million investment in the new Energy Research Accelerator that they have sought. The Energy Research Accelerator will build upon the power of advanced manufacturing, multi disciplinary research and industry expertise within the Midlands Region and the leadership of the M5 Group of Universities by supporting its exceptionally strong regional industrial base to harness

of species of bacteria that are supposed to live there.
Cheap wholesale jerseys caught in this cycle of treatment and re treatment, says Minnesota Khoruts, who has performed 21 fecal transplants since discovering how normal bacteria took over in his first patient in 2008. He now begun more detailed before and after mapping of patients to try to identify whether particular good bacteria are key. Fecal transplants aren new the first was reported in 1958, and they been performed occasionally ever since. But of 170 cases described in medical journals since then, about a third were published this year, suggesting increased interest as the C diff problem grows, says Montefiore Brandt. Doctors who perform fecal transplants agree that more rigorous research is needed without it, there no way to know if only the supposed successes, and not the failures are being written up. Brandt is planning a pilot
Wholesale NFL jerseys study. used to say this was just a measure of how desperate patients and their doctors were. There came a time when there was nothing else to do,

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