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The Knicks Start Off On Bad Foot FOR the Knicks, the new season will begin with consummate ignorance. One of their best players will not suit up. This is the starting forward appropriately nicknamed Oak, since his head sometimes appears made of wood. On Sunday evening, in the Knicks’ last exhibition game against Philadelphia in the Nassau Coliseum, Charles Oakley disqualified himself from the team’s regular season opener Friday in Detroit. He threw a
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cheap oakley sunglasses should not come as a surprise to Oakley, since this rule about a minimum one game suspension for fighting has been in the books for two years now and it seems logical that Oakley, an 11 year veteran in the
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oakleys sunglasses league, would have some familiarity with it. Then again, maybe the rule is news to Oak. After all, his action bespeaks of one who had spent
oakley sunglasses replica too much time with his head in the bucket at one of his car washes. The rule, and a good one, says that it doesn’t matter if the puncher’s punch connects or not. And Oak’s didn’t. He threw a right handed roundhouse at Scott Williams that began from around the rim of the basket and endedArticles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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