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João David, o craque “Eurofut” respira segurança!

João David, o craque “Eurofut” respira segurança!

João David voltou a ser decisivo no embate do último domingo contra o Vitória de Guimarães. O defesa central, junA de 1ª ano que representa a equipa principal da formação dos “estudantes” fez mais uma vez uma exibição de encher as vistas ao cumprir mais 90 minutos de alta intensidade, sem erros a registar e imprimindo grande calma na equipa. A equipa da casa recebeu um Vitória de Guimarães que […]

André Martins volta a revelar-se decisivo

Depois de na jornada passada ter sido o marcador dos dois golos que permitiram aos Juniores do CD Aves conquistar os três pontos diante do Vianense, mais uma vez André Martins revelou-se decisivo ao concretizar o primeiro e realizar a assistência para o segundo golo, na vitória por 2-0 diante do Desp. de Chaves. Num jogo entre candidatos à subida de divisão, foi o Desp. de Chaves a entrar melhor […]

Bruno Bruno de pé quente!

Bruno Bruno de pé quente!

Bruno Bruno voltou a fazer o gosto ao pé em jogo de treino frente ao SL Benfica. O craque representado pela Eurofut fez o terceiro golo da equipa de Belém em jogo que acabaria com o resultado de 2×4 favorável à equipa visitante. Numa jogada de contra-ataque, e depois de uma boa triangulação com um colega de equipa, Bruno fica isolado em frente ao guarda-redes adversário e com um excelente […]

André Martins marca na primeira jornada

No passado sábado, o Desportivo das Aves e o FC Vizela empataram a um golo na primeira jornada do Campeonato Nacional da 2ª Divisão de Juniores – série A, que se disputou no Complexo Desportivo do CD Aves. O ponta de lança André Martins foi titular, marcou o único golo da turma avense e esteve durante os 90 minutos em campo. Numa exibição em crescendo, foi dando imenso trabalho à […]

Bruno Bruno estreia-se a marcar!

Bruno Bruno estreia-se a marcar!

Em jogo a contar para a terceira jornada do CN JUNB, série E, a equipa de Belém levou a melhor sobre o G.C Corroios ao vencer por 6 a 2. Bruno Bruno estreou-se a marcar na equipa do Belenenses ao apontar o 5º tento da sua formação. A qualidade técnica e táctica deste menino prodígio começa, cada vez mais, a dar que falar no mundo do futebol de formação. Parabéns […]


A to Z of Domain Name Selection

Selecting a domain name, or web address, is the most important task you will undertake when moving your business online. Here’s an A to Z guide, which should help you choose the right domain names for your website.

A is for AvailabilityOver 18 million names have already been registered, and they are being registered at a ferocious rate.

B is for BenefitsIt’s well know amongst marketing experts that people don’t buy products, they buy benefits. Let’s say for example that you are setting up a site to sell holidays to Thailand. Both are reasonable enough, but they don’t offer the user any tangible benefit, or reason why michael kors outlet they should be buying the product. The beauty of this benefit based name is that you are offering the user something tangible, an exotic experience. The sales process has begun right in the domain name itself, and you are half way towards capturing the sale.

C is for CharactersThe only characters that a domain name can contain are letters, numbers, and hyphens. Spaces and other special characters are not allowed.

Although hyphens are allowed in domains, there is a golden rule to follow here: It’s OK to register a name with hyphens in, but only if you also register the hyphen free version.

The reason is simple. Most customers will remember a name that they have seen advertised on TV or in a magazine, but forget whether or not it contained hyphens. If you haven’t registered the hyphen free version, you will be losing a large percentage of customers. And if a competitor is devious enough to have registered the hyphen free version (and they often are) you will be spending advertising dollars sending your customers to a competitor’s site. Enough said.

D is for Dot ComDot com names are the gold standard on the Internet. Millions of advertising dollars have already been spent persuading customers that Dot com names are the only names worth having. The latest web browsers will even default to Dot com if no extension is specified. Always register the Dot com version of your name, even if you choose to register others. etc. Which ones should you register? Our advise is to try and register at least the Michael Kors handbags outlet Dot net version of your name, possibly the Dot org as well.

And if you are a company operating outside the United States, you should definitely register your country specific domain.

By registering several domain name extensions, you are preventing namespace dilution. many of your customers would end up visiting your competitor’s site by mistake.

F is for Free DomainsSome companies will try to persuade you that you don’t actually need your own domain name, and you can get away with renting a free sub directory of their name.

2) Free names are inevitably going to be longer, and hence more difficult to remember, than real ones.

3) Customers visiting your free site will be subjected to michael kors outlet pop up boxes containing advertisements and other rubbish.

4) Search engines are starting to give higher priority to sites which have their own domain names. Some will even refuse to list sites which cheap michael kors don’t have their own domains.

Using a free domain is probably the worst mistake that you cheap michael kors can make when setting up your business online. Don’t do it.

G is for GenericIf you can get hold of a generic domain name for your business, you have a great marketing edge. Generic names are easy to remember, but their killer advantage is that they produce a regular flow of potential customers to you site without you having to spend a dollar on marketing.

A recent case illustrates the point beautifully. To summarize, generic name = free customers.

H is for HostingHaving a domain name without web space is like having an address without a home. This is what hosting is all about, where your name is parked at a server computer on the Internet, so that other Internet users can access your website.

Nowadays, it’s possible to register a domain well before you have got a website ready or found a computer to cheap Michael Kors handbags host it on. You are reserving the name for future use. This is a great benefit, as it means you can register the name when you think of it, not when you have found a server to host the site on.

I is Michael Kors handbags for IdentityYour domain name is your identity in the new digital economy. Be very careful to pick the right domain names for you business before you go online. Being forced to find a new identity after launch is a very time consuming and costly business. What you’re doing is a scam.’

The truth is that a poor choice of name will always reduce the number of visitors (and hence customers) to your website. Sure, you can still run a successful online business with a lousy name, but your business will always do better with a good name. replica michael kors And what happens when a competitor comes along with a much better name?

K is for KISS”Keep it Simple, Stupid”. Use easy to spell words. Use easy to pronounce words. Limit names to two words if possible, three words as an absolute maximum. Michael Kors from China Remember that the idea is to create domain names that people can easily remember, and just as easily type into their browser.

L is for LengthDomain names can now be up to sixty seven Michael Kors characters in length, but we would never advise you to register a name anywhere near that. The golden rule of selecting a good name is short is sweet. Would you like to type a sixty seven character domain string into a browser? No, and neither does anybody else.

M is for Multiple SpellingsSome popular English language words are spelt differently around the English speaking world. For instance, Jewelry (US) Vs Jewellery (UK). If you have an international business, make sure you register all of the different spellings.Articles Connexes:

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